How's the sound quality?

The sound really is near CD quality! It's a completely different class of sound from what you've heard through a Bluetooth phone.

Can I use the iMuffs with my iBook/PowerBook?

Yes and no. Unfortunately, Apple doesn't yet support stereo over Bluetooth so all you would get is mono sound. That's fine for iChat, but probably isn't going to work for music or games. We've even tested with the Macs that have Bluetooth 2.0 in them, and it still doesn't work since Apple doesn't have stereo Bluetooth drivers even if the hardware is capable. Keep an eye out though since Apple may eventually update their firmware or OS to support it. Rumor is they're doing some testing now...

Can I use the iMuffs with my PC?

Unfortunately most desktops and laptops don't support the correct Bluetooth profiles to support stereo over Bluetooth (look for Bluetooth 1.2 or 2.0 and the A2DP profile). But the headphones do work with PCs that have the correct hardware since there are drivers available for Windows XP.

Can I use the headphones with the iPod photo?

Yes, they'll definitely work with the iPod photo. They'll also work with the iPod mini, the click-wheel iPod, the 3G iPod (before the click-wheel), the iPod video, all three generations of the iPod nano, and the new iPod classic.

Do the iMuffs work with the iPod shuffle?

Sorry, but the Shuffle has a different connector and doesn't have remote control capabilities.

Do the iMuffs work with the iPod new nano?

Yes! Just make sure to buy the new iMuffs MB210 or add the new adapter MA110 to your original iMuffs. The iMuffs MB210 and MA110 support all 3 generations of iPod nano.

Do the iMuffs work with the iPod classic?

Yes! Just make sure to buy the new iMuffs MB210 or add the new adapter MA110 to your original iMuffs. The iMuffs MB210 and MA110 support the new iPod classic as well as the iPod video, iPod photo, and the third generation iPod (with click wheel).

Do the iMuffs work with the iPod touch?

Yes, the iMuffs work with the new iPod touch.

Do the iMuffs work with the iPhone?

We haven't announced official support, but it does work. It's not a perfect match though.

From a recent forum post:

I know a lot of you are interested to know if the iMuffs support the iPhone. The good news is that it does work, but there are a few limitations that we've noticed so far. It's too early to be 100% conclusive, but here's what my testing has shown so far.

1) The iPhone does not have A2DP support built in, so you can't use the headphones without the iPod adapter.

2) When you plug in the iMuffs iPod adapter, the iPhone asks if you want to put the iPhone into airplane mode where it turns off it's radios. If you hit "no", it'll go ahead and give power to the adapter and everything wills start to work. So far, this seems to work fine, but the radio range and reliability of the iMuffs might be worse because of interference.

3) Unfortunately, the iPhone seems to behave a little differently than the other iPods and one thing we've noticed so far is that when the iPhone goes to sleep (after pausing the music for a minute or so) it kills power to the iPod adapter. What that means if that if you pause the music for a while, you have to wake the iPhone up manually before you can get music again. Depending on how you use it, that might not be that big of a deal.

So that's what I've noticed so far. We'll continue testing, of course, and I'd be curious to hear what others have experienced, so feel free to post your own insights.

Check out http://www.wi-gear.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=126 for the ongoing discussion.

Does it work with Pocket PC players?

Pocket PC devices with Bluetooth 1.2 and A2DP support should work well as long as they are open devices. Not all Bluetooth devices work though, even if they also have MP3 players because they need the stereo Bluetooth capabilities. The recently announced Windows Mobile 5.0 AKU 2 should really help with this since it adds Bluetooth Stereo as part of the operating system. It's hard to tell which devices have AKU 2 though. It looks like the new Palm 700w has Windows Mobile 5, but not AKU 2. Let's hope they release a ROM update or something. The Motorola Q will have AKU 2 though! Don't ask me what AKU means. :)

Does it work with other MP3 players?

Initial release will only be compatible with iPods, but as other players add stereo Bluetooth capabilities, we'll naturally support them as well. We have no plans at this time to make a generic adapter for MP3 players since you'd lose the remote control capabilities, which we think is key.

Does it work with the Treo 650/700w?

Yes and no. The headphones will work with the Treo 650 as a Bluetooth headset for use during phone calls. But even though the Treo has MP3 playing capability and Bluetooth, it does not have the required support to play stereo music over it's Bluetooth connection. A company, Softick, is working on a third-party solution which seems promising. The new Treo 700w is running Windows Mobile 5 which should make it easier to get A2DP support, but it seems like Palm needs to update the firmware to AKU 2 in order to get it. Rumor is that you can get drivers on the web somewhere to get this to work too, but we can't vouch for it.

Does it work with my XYZ smartphone?

Unfortunately, many Bluetooth phones that have MP3 players still don't play MP3s over Bluetooth. If it's one of the few that support A2DP, then we will most likely work with it, but otherwise we'll only support the normal, mono, headset functionality.

Can I use the iMuffs during my workout?

Of course! Without the iPod bouncing around, the iMuffs are perfect for workouts! They're not waterproof though, so don't take them swimming!

Will this work as a headset for Skype?

Definitely. You won't hear it in stereo or anything, but if your computer supports Bluetooth, we can support it using normal Bluetooth headset profiles (which are lower quality than stereo profiles, but at least as good as normal phones).

How do I buy it?

We're taking orders now for direct shipment worldwide. Ask your local store when they're going to carry it!

Where will I find the iMuffs in retail stores?

The black iMuffs are no longer available in Apple Stores or The Sharper Image, but are available in some smaller local retailers.

What version of Bluetooth are you using?

The iMuffs support Bluetooth version 2.0, which is backwards compatible with Bluetooth 1.1 and 1.2. This means that it will work with nearly any Bluetooth phone out there. Note this is not the extended data rate commonly known as 2.0+EDR.

Can multiple headsets be used with this device?

The existing Bluetooth standards don't support multi-casting, or sending one signal to multiple devices. The adapter can transmit to multiple headphones or devices, but only one at a time such as using your headphone and then switching to some Bluetooth stereo receiver.

Do I need the iPod on to talk on the phone?

No, the connection with the Bluetooth phone is independent of the iPod connection.

What happens if someone else's Bluetooth phone rings?

There would be no problem with this since the headphones are paired to an individual phone and would only pause when your personal phone rings.

I don't see the microphone. Where is it?

The microphone is located on the right side of the headphones. You won't be able to see it in the pictures, though.

Isn't the iPod adapter a little small?

Yes, it is small. The original iPod adapter was designed so that it wouldn't cover up the hold switch on either a normal iPod or an iPod mini in case you wanted access to the iPod controls. The new adapter is designed to fit comfortably on the iPod nano as well as the rest of the iPods.

How can I minimize cut-outs?

Cut-outs usually happen when the headphones and the adapter are too far from one another or when there is too much movement between them. Since the Bluetooth antenna is located in the right side of the headphones, the ideal place for your iPod is in the right pocket of a vest or in an armband on your right arm. When working out on a treadmill at the gym, you may also put your iPod in front of you.

How do you wear the headphones?

The iMuffs have been designed so that you can almost forget that you are wearing them. When putting them on, we recommend you hold them with both hands with the headband horizontal, pass them over your head and on your hair down to your ears.  They should be properly placed but you can change their position by playing with the headband with one or both hands while keeping it horizontal.