Product Quick Jump

iMuffs MB210 includes
iMuffs Wireless Headphones
with noise canceling microphone

iMuffs Adaptor for iPod*

AC to USB Power Adaptor

USB Cable
* Made for iPod touch, classic, nano, video, photo, mini, and 3rd Gen iPod
Introducing the new and improved iMuffs! Listen to your iPod nano or video wirelessly! Talk on the phone with the noise canceling microphone!
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Noise canceling microphone

The first wireless headphones with Clear Voice Capture (CVC) echo and noise cancelation software to ensure the highest quality, clearest voice communications using an integrated microphone. More Info

iPod nano, iPod classic, and iPod touch support

One of the first stereo Bluetooth adapters designed for iPod nano and video. Also fits any iPod with the bottom dock connector including the new iPod touch, nano, and classic.

Improved Bluetooth Radio

Improved range and signal reliability.

Louder, clearer audio

Better Compatibility

Better compatibility with 3rd party Bluetooth stereo (A2DP) sources such as the new Bluetooth stereo capable cell phones.