International Orders

We're excited by all of the international attention iMuffs have attracted, but let's be up-front here: the introductory bundle was designed for sale within the US. Specifically, that means that all of the documentation and packaging is in English and the AC charger fits into US-style receptacles. This is fine for Canada and Mexico as well, although the packaging isn't multi-lingual.

But all is not lost! If you order the US version, chances are that you'll be happy with it. First off, if you're reading this, English probably won't be a problem for you. Second, the headphones can be charged by a standard mini-USB cable, and we even include one in the box so all you need is a computer with a USB port to charge the headphones. Also, the AC charger can handle 100-240 Volts at 50-60 Hz, which means it'll work globally if you just add a local adapter.

The international shipping charges are a little expensive, but for now, this is the only way to get your hands on a set of iMuffs - and we know you want them!